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Hi, my name is Sonam - founder of Shifting Your State Therapy. With an open mind and a space where an unbiased professional can hold you in a positive regard, an energetic weight can be lifted off your shoulders. Ultimately, that's what I aim to do. As your therapist, I can work with you to explore and focus on the aspects of life that matter most to you. I have a special interest in the complexities that children of immigrant parents/guardians encounter, as I too am a child of two immigrant Punjabi-Sikh parents. These may include, but are not limited to, ADHD, anxiety, racial identity, and the exploration of intergenerational trauma. All the while, I create space for the exploration of generational healing and can help you explore and articulate all that is encompassed in your healing.

Shifting Your State

As a registered psychotherapist (qualifying), I work alongside each client to address what is most important to you. I am passionate about helping you reach your therapeutic goals while adopting a positive outlook on life. Through our work together, we aim to explore and reflect on whether your current way of being is serving you. Together, we can resolve negative thinking patterns, past traumas, depressive periods, anxieties, self-esteem issues, relationship obstacles and anything else you deem important. I integrate elements of many therapeutic approaches, such as Solution-Focused Brief Therapy, Emotion-Focused Therapy, and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy as I tailor my approach to your needs. Finding resolve amidst any feelings of disconnect is a priority for me. Ultimately, I aim to help you connect back to your best self because I know it exists.


To note, a free 15-minute consultation is required prior to booking your first session.

Shifting Your State

Individual Counselling Session (Video Call)

Price: 150.00 + HST

Shifting Your State

Couples Counselling Session (Video Call)

Price: 220.00 + HST

Shifting Your State

In-Person Therapy (Toronto & Brampton)

Price: 150.00 + HST

Shifting Your State

Walk and Talk Therapy (Toronto & Brampton)

Price: 150.00 + HST

... Through mutual trust and a relationship that is always held in the utmost positive regard, therapy is an empowering experience. If you are reading this, you are already one step closer to the version of yourself that you desire. I welcome transparency, as all unfiltered thoughts, emotions, and experiences are encouraged to be shared without judgment. My practice is founded on building this healthy partnership with you and I look forward to sharing this space. Connect today, if you feel this experience could be beneficial to you ...


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What is psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy, commonly known as talk therapy or therapy, utilizes a series of evidence-based practices to help an individual identify and subsequently resolve troubling emotions, thought patterns, behaviours, and compulsions. Psychotherapy aims to improve one's mental well-being by reframing negative thinking into constructive development. Psychotherapy is a mindful practice - intention being a key component. As trauma and disconnect are unpacked, a psychotherapist will aim to foster a safe space - free of judgement and committed to interpersonal healing.

Do you utilize therapeutic modalities?

Therapeutic modalities are treatment techniques utilized to assist with the healing process. As a registered psychotherapist (qualifying), I use several modalities within my practice - most specifically (not limited to) Solution-Focused Brief Therapy, Emotion-Focused Therapy, and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. Within my approach, I facilitate healing by addressing maladaptive thoughts and emotions into proactive change - by using a combination of modalities, a client can achieve a complete cognitive shift.

How many sessions will I require?

The number of sessions varies client-to-client. I encourage clients to attend weekly appointments for the first month to establish familiarity, build a relationship and create a foundation together. I recognize this may not be entirely possible - it is simply a recommendation and encouraged based on my experience. From there, it becomes much easier to shift to bi-weekly sessions or monthly sessions. Ultimately, the number of sessions required is at the discretion of the client as they know themselves best. During the first session, we establish our goals - together, we outline how we may be progressing as we proceed. Goals are ever-changing and can always be reassessed. Remember, I am simply here to guide you because you are always the writer of your own story.

What is the difference between psychotherapy and psychology?

In short, psychotherapy is a sub-category of psychology - psychology being the broader area of study. A psychotherapist, such as myself, will work one-on-one with a client (or couple), questioning their thought patterns. They can work to unpack negative thought patterns and emotions through consistent dialogue. Similarly, a psychologist, delves into the psyche, all the while they may conduct research and perform intricate assessments to gain insight into the human mind. Commonly, both arenas prioritize mental health and de-stigmatizing the therapeutic space as a whole.

Do I need a referral from my doctor?

There is NO referral form needed from a doctor to make an appointment with a Registered Psychotherapist. At Shifting Your State Therapy, services are covered by private insurance providers depending on the nature of your benefits package. It is important to note, in some instances, an insurance provider MAY require a referral from a physician to receive compensation - I recommend speaking to your provider to understand the intricacies of your plan.

Can you prescribe medication?

It is important to understand, I am not a medical physician - therefore, I am not authorized to prescribe medication. Within this field of study, only a psychiatrist is authorized to prescribe medication. It is common practice for a psychotherapist to refer a client to a psychiatrist if the client is in need of a psychiatric evaluation and requires comprehensive treatment.

Do therapists see a therapist?

YES! It is common for a therapist to see a therapist and, more importantly, it is encouraged. Therapists commonly speak to and discuss their cases with supervisors in order to gain clarity or mitigate any blind spots in the healing process. As a therapist, you are consistently learning about life through the experiences of others - this requires continual education of resources, material, and information. In my opinion, a holistic approach to learning is fundamental, as it allows me to be the best therapist for my clients. I am human and I have - and will continue - to experience loss, trauma, anxiety and relationship obstacles. Ultimately, it is beneficial to seek therapy as it allows me to comprehend both ends of the spectrum. Striving to connect to my clients' experiences and understanding their humanity is a priority for me. For myself, therapy has lightened my personal load, provided a sense of community and allows me to focus on my healing all while approaching my work with clarity and humility.

What can I expect once I have booked a free consultation?

Once we have completed the free consultation, two forms will be emailed to you. The first document is a standard consent form. The second document is a detailed intake form which is utilized to gather additional information. With this information at hand, I am better able to serve my clients as I gain a thorough understanding of their history, support systems, daily habits, and goals. Within my practice, I like to learn about my clients through a holistic lens. During our first session, we construct a plan and goals to ensure we are moving toward the outcome specific to you. As we continue to work together, we can always modify these goals as required. I work at your pace, facilitating your needs as improvements begin to take effect.

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